calendar 2039

round 1 Argentina

round 2 Canada

round 3 France

round 4 Mexiko

round 5 USA

round 6 Austria

round 7 Germany

round 8 Italy

round 9 Japan

round 11 Irland

round 12 Sweden

round 13 Brazil

Signed team and drivers Edit

Toyota engineer                   M.Reier and M.Hunt
Ferrari EDAMS team                T.Glock and T.Abraham
Monster mercedes F1 racing team   N.Walker and M.Verstappen        
HAAS Toyota F1 team               S.Vettel AND S.Buemi
Red-Bull audi GP                  S.Ogier and S.Loeb
EDAMS Volkswagen                  Z.Sharp and M.Quinghua
Renault R.S 2039                  F:Rosenqvist and N:Nato
Skoda racing F1 team              M:Ericsson and P.Tideman