Drak was the first ever declared city on the planet.



The settlement of Drak was caused by advances in agriculture, which allowed citizens to specialize in other occupations to better the life of other citizens and/or Drak. The idea of a city first came from Vehcombret the First. He was seeking to increase military protection by condensing tribes, and many went along with this; hundreds. While the city was fully constructed long before 1AS, it had over 99% of it's citizens working in agriculture. Technological breakthroughs in this subject allowed for increased yields per worker. Vehcombret, as the announced leader of the Arpittekino (combination of Paxin words "tribe" and "together" or "union"), or city, selected some of the worse farmers he could find and assigned them other tasks that would benefit the lives of the City and/or it's citizens. Population upon settlement was about 9,500. All over the continent, the city was considered an "axomiinas" (Paxin for "heaven" or "utopia") because everyone was living the way no one had seen before, it was a phenomena.