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  • Feisa

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The Fuuxemshafl is both a country and a government (?) made up soley of Humans.


The Society of Fuuxemshafl throughout the first century was ettrocious at best. The Supreme Leader had little control over the population, which dispelled his "Supreme"ness. What little amount of loyal followers Fuuxemshafl could find were mostly unfit for service, on 1AS the country had little food, little water and basically no trade income. What little they imported was diverted (later) to the war that the Supreme Leader foolishly started. The society was also completely male-dominated, which meant that most women came under disease, causing the children to, added.


1AS was by far the worsest year of the government. Infact, people starting thinking it was better without one, when they lived as camps ununited. The Fatay believe it was coming too much of a problem, then the war started. They saw the only way was to exterminate the Fuuxemshafl, before their pleague of joined diseases travelled across no-man's-land.