The La'ma Decent Nation


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The La'ma Decent nation (Nation adjective: Decent, Decents) is a peace-loving tribalism state. It always has been and it always will be. It formed in 4AS


Federational Democratic Lipthest TotalitarianismEdit

This system works by all members of a state that are over 24 vote for someone to become their leader, then when all state leaders have been voted for, the whole nation votes for which state leader they want to run their country. When the Leader is voted for, he attains immediate power to do what he want within the Trabalistic Welfare branch's set of rules. The Leader must serve for life (Lipthest) and when he dies, they must vote again for another. There is no monarchist or hereditory system involved in this.

During this age, the population stayed with their technologically primitive lifestyle, living in tents and permiting manual labour to get things done, they saw that more advanced nations became less civilized, and decided against it.