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Malartul's history spanned a very short time, although it had a very colorfull one.


Constitutional Hereditary MonarchismEdit

This government worked by a first elected Monarch to rule their nation (under consitutional laws), which he/she would then pass onto before he/she died. The Monarch-[2] would have to select two people before they died. Their "Monarchal Second", the one to take power incase of temporary illness or other distractions, and their "Passer", the one to take power when the Monarch steps down/dies.

Monarchal Protectory BranchEdit

The Monarchal Protectory Branch is the branch that deals with the laws/rules that restrict only the Monarch's-[2] power. They cannot change any other branch of laws, such as human rights, their power, and such. Also, the Monarch cannot decide what types of laws or to what extent the consitution restricts the leader that it (The constitution) can change.

Malartul Legislative BranchEdit

This branch, on the other hand, deals with creating, editing and abolishing laws that deal with all things. Any rule changes must be passed by the Monarch-[2] first.


  1. The Monarch's Second: The one who temporarily takes power when the current leader is distracted/engaged in other activity that requires it.
  2. The Monarch: The leader of the nation, called Queen or King dependant on their gender.
  3. The Monarchy Guard: This special force protects the Monarch, every single hour of the day, every single day of the year.
  4. The Malartul Police: This is just basically the police of Malartul, as it is stated. It's made up of sevral ranks which this Wikia doesn't have a complement of concenrtation to get into...