The Polarchu Nation


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Polarchu was a small nation in central La'ama.


Hereditory TotalitariansmEdit

When the government formed, it was Heriditory Totalitarianstic, whereby a family took control and the father of the family became the supreme leader of the nation (he had control over everything, total control), this was, however, short lived. Increadibly short lived. Infact, it lasted 6 days untill the Ehflos took control.

Constitutional Monarchal DictatorshipEdit

The Government was reorganized by the Ehflo to suit their beliefs. Now, a legislative branch, the only branch, was to put certain safeguards in place which let the Dictator, the leader of the nation, do certain things up to a level. Similarly to Heriditory Totalitariansm, the family's father had control. But the Families are elected every 25 years, when the Father takes control, he must elect a secondary, who assumes control should the dictator die. This would usually be one of the sons but daughters have been known to be elected (note that the mother has absolutely no power).